About me

Hey there! My name's Anna, or Annabelle if we're being formal. And no, I didn't pick that name to combine Disney's Princess Anna with Princess Belle into one stage name but that would've been clever, right?

So quite simply, I'm a pop artist. My debut single peaked at #3 on the Indie Rhythmic Radio Charts in 2015, topping both Kanye and Fetty Wap. In 2016, I sung at Madison Square Garden. In 2017, a single I had written for fun was picked up by Lionsgate Premiere to be included in a film starring both Nicolas Cage and Faye Dunaway (I cried). This year, I won first place at the 2018 K-Pop World Festival, a global talent competition with thousands of hopeful participants. I've traveled up and down this continent, from Toronto to Puerto Rico, thanks to my musical successes.


And now, I head to Orlando, FL, not only home to the college that taught me most of what I know about the music industry but also home to the most famous theme park in the world - Walt Disney World. And WDW, while participating in the Disney College Program, will be the newest launching pad for my music career. So follow me as I take you along my latest wild ride - one that's guaranteed to be filled with adventure, love and magic. ✨

It's a pleasure to meet you!

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